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deconex DEROUGE Kit (see individual product information below)

Derouging system at neutral pH value. Rapidly and effectively removes rouge deposits from stainless steel water systems and process vessels
deconex DEROUGE Kit
250 litre kit
1000 litre kit
deconex DEROUGE
5 litres
20 litres
deconex DEROUGE P
2 X 0.75 KG
6 KG
deconex CIP seven
1 KG
6 KG
deconex DEROUGING Process Instructions
Flooding method for system volume less than 3000 litres ← brochure
Spraying method for system volume more than 3000 litres ← brochure
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deconex CIP power-x (350 KB) ← brochure

Highly alkaline special cleaner for the removal of stubborn residues in the pharmaceutical industry. Liquid, chlorine-free; contains no surfactants. Suitable for CIP and COP processes.
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deconex CIP seven (364 KB) ← brochure

Neutral special cleaning concentrate with a broad material compatibility for the pharmaceutical industry. Liquid, free of surfactants. For spray cleaning processes in CIP-systems, in washers and for manual cleaning.
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deconex CIP surf (335 KB) ← brochure

Highly effective additive for cleaning processes in the pharmaceutical industry. Liquid and neutral, for special cleaning purposes. Suitable for CIP and COP processes.
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deconex DEROUGE (316 KB) ← brochure

Liquid special product for derouging operations. Use in combination with deconex DEROUGE P. Please, observe our separate instructions for application.
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deconex DEROUGE P (316 KB) ← brochure

Activator for derouging operations in powder form. Use in combination with deconex DEROUGE. Please, observe our separate instructions on use.
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deconex FORMULA 1 (321 KB) ← brochure

Liquid high-performance cleaner. Suitable for spray cleaning and ultrasonic systems. Highly alkaline liquid, foam-free, phosphate-free, silicate-free and easy to rinse off. Removes stubborn residue such as oils, fats and other lipophilic substances in laboratories and petrochemical industry
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deconex 3-ZYME (366 KB) ← brochure

Neutral detergent with the 3 enzymes protease, amylase and lipase. For manual cleaning of medical devices including rigid and flexible endoscopes and dental instruments.
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deconex 26 MINERALACID (402 KB) ← brochure

Neutralizer and pre-cleaner based on inorganic acid. For automated application in instrument reprocessing and in laboratories.
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deconex 28 ALKA ONE (526 KB) ← brochure

Special alkaline detergent, effective against Prions. For reprocessing of medical instruments and utensils in washer-disinfectors.
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deconex 34 GR (382 KB) ← brochure

Acidic cleaning concentrate for medical instruments made of stainless steel, for the application in soaking and ultrasonic baths. Also suitable for cleaning washing machines.
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deconex 41 STS (263 KB) ← brochure

Acidic, ecological rinsing concentrate for bed-pans, for use in special washing machines.
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deconex POWER ZYME (395 KB) ← brochure

Highly effective, multi-enzyme cleaning concentrate. For the superior manual and automated cleaning of surgical instruments, MIC instruments, dental instruments, anaesthetic utensils, motor systems and rigid and flexible endoscopes.
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deconex 22 LIQ-x (323 KB) ← brochure

Alkaline special cleaning concentrate. For automated cleaning in laboratories. Free of chlorine and phosphate, liquid. Can also be usedfor reprocessing of medical devices in washerdisinfectors (WD).
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deconex 25 ORGANACID (300 KB) ← brochure

Neutralizer based on organic acid. For automated application in instrument reprocessing and in laboratories.
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deconex ALKAMILD (388 KB) ← brochure

Mild alkaline liquid cleaner for use in washer-disinfectors (WDs). Ideal for medical devices made of anodised aluminium.
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deconex 64 NEUTRADRY (403 KB) ← brochure

Neutral rinsing and drying aid for use in special washing machines. Biocompatible.