Hospital - CSSD/TSSU
An outline of reprocessing soiled surgical instruments in Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) or Theatre Sterile Supply Unit (TSSU) is as follows:

The first step to reprocessing soiled surgical instruments is to clean it with effective detergents in soaking bath, ultrasonic bath or washer disinfectors. Next, pack the instruments and chemical indicator using sterilized paper/film pouch and seal it with rotary or impulse sealing machines. Sterilize the packed instruments in steam sterilizer. Once completed, the instrument is reprocessed for reuse.

To ensure clean and hygienic reprocessing of instruments, it is crucial to monitor the entire process.

Washer Disinfector: Use Clean Monitoring indicator to ensure items in washer disinfector is completely cleaned.
Sealing Machine: Use Seal Check to ensure complete sealing of the pouch’s seams.
Steam Sterilizer: Use Bowie & Dick Test to ensure effective steam penetration

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Residue-free validated cleaning is crucial in pharmaceutical manufacturing environment to avoid cross contamination and ensure quality and safety of the final products. As the production of drug advances, the cleaning process becomes more complicated.

To ensure residue-free clean production system, a CLEAN study is normally conducted in the R&D laboratories to determine suitable detergents and additives for an effectively aqueous cleaning process.

For clean steam or WFI systems, formation of rouge on hot surfaces of stainless steel increases over time and needs to be Derouged regularly before it becomes old rouge which is very difficult to remove.