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About a third of the population aged 15 years and older engage in insufficient physical activities. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines by WHO, adults should be getting at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week (WHO, 2021). However, the lack of available spaces, occupational sedentary behaviours, and the increased penetration of smart devices has led to globally augmented sedentary lifestyles.

Regular physical activity supports both physical and mental health, playing a central role in helping to strengthen and improve immune functions as well as lower the risk of viral illness. Moreover, physical activities are not limited only to children and teens, but the adults and elderly can also enjoy physical activity in various forms.

The role of an exercise specialist in the community and healthcare system is increasingly important. It promotes a strategy for the health community to safely and effectively prevent chronic illnesses through adopting an active lifestyle. For this reason, ActivAll is a unique inclusive fitness tool that can be played individually or in teams, with or without an exercise specialist, which gives everyone access to exercise regardless of their ability, age or fitness levels.

What is ActivAll?


ActivAll Children

ActivAll Elderly

ActivAll is a high-impact reaction wall designed for fitness, health and fun. It encourages communication, enhances focus and develops behaviour. It also challenges users’ physical and cognitive abilities, motivating them to exercise more often and longer.

Hailed as “The Gamification of Exercise”, ActivAll interactive system is a catalyst that gets people involved in exercising regardless of their age or fitness abilities.

  • Stimulate age-related care & dementia – stimulates patients’ mental health by improving self-esteem and interpersonal relationships.
  • Engage body & mind – easy for the elderly to keep physically active by carefully combining games with exercise
  • Inclusive design – engages everyone daily in moderate-to-vigorous physical activities.
  • Improve hand-eye coordination – caters to people of all physical levels.
  • Sensory stimulation – LED scoreboard, sound and touch-sensor pods that would light up during gameplay.
  • Improve fitness – full bodywork within a small area (e.g. enhances core, upper and lower body strength and endurance).

ActivAll has developed programs tailored to each individual’s abilities, designed to train and improve sensory development. ActivAll is suitable for adults and children with special needs who may sometimes encounter certain restrictions in their participation in physical activities.

Setting aside a little time – 20 minutes a day to work out can tremendously improve physical health, mental health, and productivity.


Always remember, the greatest wealth is health.