Brand: Deconex

Mildly alkaline cleaning concentrate for laboratory glassware.  Suitable for soaking baths and ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

deconex 12 BASIC is a mildly alkaline, liquid concentrate for the universal cleaning and decontamination of laboratory glassware. The product can be used in all industries that use laboratory glassware such as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the cosmetic and food industries and in universities and service laboratories. deconex 12 BASIC is also a substitute for chromic acid.

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Based on its composition, deconex 12 BASIC exhibits a wide cleaning spectrum and high swelling power for stubborn contaminants such as baked-on fats and oils, dried blood, proteins and remains of culture media and distillation residues. The surfactants used completely wet the glassware and have excellent rinsing properties.


The combination of surfactants with the alkalis and complexing agents removes the contaminants and effectively prevents them from being redeposited on the glassware. The highly concentrated product has a high uptake capacity for contaminants and high pH-stability and is intended for use over a period of up to two weeks.  deconex 12 BASIC is compatible with hard water, easily biodegradable and not classified as a dangerous good.


Ingredients                          Alkalis, complexing agents, dispersing agents, surfactants

pH                                         Approximately 11.8

Appearance                         Clear, slightly yellowish liquid

Density                                 1.41g/ml

Shelf life                               3 years

Dimension                           193 (W) x 148 (D) x 256 (H) mm

Packing                                 7 KG per bottle


Note : Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Material Compatibility

Suitable for

  • Borosilicate glass 3.3
  • Duran®
  • Quartz glass
  • Porcelain
  • Stainless steel
  • Chrome nickel steel
  • Polyethylene
  • Teflon®
  • Silicone rubber
  • Natural rubber


Not Suitable for

  • Aluminium
  • Zinc
  • Tin