ActivALL Board Portrait

ActivAll provides a fun full body and mind workout, challenging users’ balance, reach, reactivity and mental agility.

Available in Compact Single, Compact Duo and Landscape formats.



This innovative technology engages pupils of all ages and abilities and is proven to increase strength, coordination and overall fitness. ActivAll provides a unique method of active play that motivates children to exercise.

ActivAll improves children’s coordination and balance which is proven to dramatically increase their concentration and ability to learn in the classroom. Progression can be measured by recording scores.

ActivAll is suitable for those with educational, hearing and sensory impairments and those with physical disabilities. The programmes can be tailored towards each individual depending on their ability.

They are available in various sizes and can be wall mounted or fitted on portable stands. ActivAll can easily integrate with existing PE equipment as part of a relay race or circuit.


Compact                         1185 (L) x 1185 (H) x 600 (T) mm

Landscape                      200 (L) x 100 (H) x 55 (T) cm

AC Voltage                      230Vac/50Hz

Weight                             20kg (Compact), 40kg (Landscape) without support frame

Mounting                        On wall or frame

Sensor pods                   5 Multi-coloured


Note: All specifications subject to change without prior notice.