Limb Difference Gripping Aid AH8

Brand: Active Hands

The limb difference gripping aid is designed for users who have a limb difference affecting their hands or fingers. This may include those with dysmelia (conditions from birth), or those who have sustained a limb difference through amputation, injury or illness later in life.


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Our Limb Difference gripping aid is perfect for those who have some or all of their fingers, or parts of their hand, missing. As long as you have at least some widening at your wrist our grip should work for you (A wider section of the wrist is required as an anchor point to transfer the pulling force to, when using the gripping aids).

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User Guide

How it works?

The Limb Difference aid has a double-strap system. First, fasten the wrist section. Next, use the inner velcro strap to fix the item you wish to hold in your palm into place. Then, use the longer strap to hold it firmly in place. This longer strap comes over the back of your hand, through the buckle and back over the object.

Our Limb Difference gripping aid works with hands that have all or some of their fingers, or parts of hands missing, as long as there is some widening at the wrist.

For those who have all or most of their fingers, they will find our General Purpose gripping aid would suit them better.

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Limb difference gripping aid