Ardel Positioning Bed

Brand: Platz

Ardel Positioning Bed from Platz, Japan is an advanced nursing home care facility bed designed to accommodate various nursing environments and physical conditions. It features a high back support function to reduce the risk of bedsores, a knee position adjuster to prevent slipping during reclining, and configurable side rails to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all residents. Platz Ardel positioning bed adapts to various care needs, making it the perfect choice for a nursing home care facility.

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  • High Back Support Function reduces back and abdominal pressure and helps with respiration.
  • Reduces the risk of aspiration and alleviates shear forces.
  • Knee Position adjuster reduces slippage during reclining.


   FrameSteel, ABS
   Resin Head/Foot BoardPolyethylene (PE)
   Wooden Head/Foot BoardDecorative Paneled Fiberboard
Urethane Resin Coated Natural Wood
Overall Dimensions
   Ardel Positioning Bed (Resin Board)L2100 x W100 x H725 – 1105 mm
   Ardel Positioning Bed (Wooden Board)L2070 x W100 x H720 – 1100 mm
Patient SurfaceL1900 – 1920 x W880 – 910 mm
Underbed Clearance65 mm
Castors4 x Ø100mm swivel, with central lock
Height Adjustment Range250 – 630 mm (Floor to Top surface of frame)
High Back Adjustment0 – 20°
Back Rest Adjustment0 – 70°
Knee Rest Adjustment0 – 22°
Maximum User Load Capacity138 kg
Safe Working Load174 kg
Product Weight
   2-Motor Ardel Positioning Bed105.0 kg (Resin), 109.5 kg (Wooden)
   3-Motor Ardel Positioning Bed107.5 kg (Resin), 112.0 kg (Wooden)
Power Requirements
   Voltage100 VAC – 240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
   Power Consumption150 W


Note: Specifications subject to change without prior notice.



  • Amical Support Breathable Mattress
  • Amical Support Waterproof Mattress

Side Rails

  • Short Side Rails – 440 cm
  • Regular Side Rails – 75 cm
  • Long Side Rails – 96 cm
  • Collapsible Split 1/4 Length Side Rail – 90 cm
  • Collapsible 1/2 Length Side Rail – 112 cm
  • Collapsible 3/4 Length Side Rail – 151 cm

Side Rail Covers

  • Short Side Rail Mesh Cover
  • Regular Side Rail Mesh Cover
  • Long Side Rail Mesh Cover
  • Regular Side Rail Cushion Cover
  • Long Side Rail Cushion Cover

Additional Accessories

  • Kneeparo L with Kneeparo Pad Auto-Lock Bed Grip
  • Meal Tray
  • Chargeable Battery

Ordering Information

Ardel Positioning Bed
2-Motor Positioning Bed with Head/Foot BoardP400-63AC (Resin)
P400-63CF (Wooden)
3-Motor Positioning Bed with Head/Foot BoardP400-73AC (Resin)
P400-73CF (Wooden)
Amical Support Breathable MattressPM11-9009
Amical Support Waterproof MattressPM12-9009
Side Rails (2 pieces per set)
Short Side Rail 44 cmPA505-44
Regular Side Rail 75 cmPA505-75
Long Side Rail 96 cmPA505-96
Collapsible Side Rails (1 piece per set)
Collapsible Split 1/4 Length Side Rail 90 cmPS05-90
Collapsible 1/2 Length Side Rail 112 cmPS05-112
Collapsible 3/4 Length Side Rail 151 cmPS05-151
Side Rails Covers (2 pieces per set)
Short Side Rail Mesh CoverPA505S-44
Regular Side Rail Mesh CoverPA505S-75
Long Side Rail Mesh CoverPA505S-96
Regular Side Rail Cushion CoverPA505SW-75
Long Side Rail Cushion Cover
Additional Accessories
Kneeparo L w Kneepara PadPG03-116MP
Meal TrayPT01-A1
Chargeable BatteryPE06-BA19