Barrier Wraps

Brand: Key Surgical

Barrier Wraps provide a bacterial barrier and protect the contents of a set or pack from contamination.

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Choice Wrap is designed to reduce the risk of rips, tears, and wet packs. Choice SMMS are made of polypropylene and come in three weights: 43gsm, 55gsm, 70gsm.

Any two of the Choice Wraps can be interleaved in blue or green to meet the sterilisation service user requirements.

All Transport Wraps must be used in conjunction with one compliant Barrier Wrap to completely prevent the ingress of micro-organisms. Use of a single barrier layer with Transport Wrap can be a cost-effective solution that reduces damage in handling and transport. If adopted, changes to both wrapping and unwrapping procedures may be required to ensure aseptic opening.


  • Barrier Wrap
  • Crepe Wrap
  • Liners


Key Surgical Barrier Wraps


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