Brand: Deconex

Acidic cleaner and passivating agent.  Liquid, acidic, contains surfactants, suitable for CIP spray processes, flooding and for washers.



deconex CIP protect is

  • liquid
  • acidic
  • non-foaming
  • very easily rinsed off


deconex CIP protect is suitable in spray processes or by flooding for

  • acidic cleaning
  • passivation of stainless steel surfaces after basic cleaning with deconex CIP alpha-x
  • passivation after a derouging operation with deconex DEROUGE System
  • removal of tempering colours, rust films and extraneous rust, silicate layers and protein incrustations

deconexCIP protect is used for residue-free processes in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic industries.  It is an optimal passivation process developed by Borer Chemie AG.


Passivation after a basic cleaning or in a maintenance operation

This takes place in two steps: first, surfaces are prepared with deconex CIP alpha-x.  The passivation with deconex CIP protect follows directly afterwards.


Passivation after derouging

deconex DEROUGE System removes quickly and effectively rouge deposits from stainless steel surfaces.  After derouging we recommend the passivation process with deconex CIP protect.


Advantages at a glance

The process developed by Borer Chemie AG offers significant advantages over other conventional methods:

  • effective at very low concentration
  • no halides
  • increased safety at work
  • gentle on materials
  • specific and validated analytical methods for the detection of potential residues
  • ideal method for electropolished surfaces

For older systems, or in case of corrosion residues or deposits, we recommend thorough pre-cleaning.


Very effective – excellent surface protection

Analyses of different substrates with XPS (X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy) demonstrate the advantages: our passivation process clearly improves the natural passivating layer. The ratio of chromium to iron or of chromium oxide to iron oxide increases significantly. Around welded joints, chromium and chromium oxide concentrations are also considerably increased due to passivation.


Ingredients                     Inorganic acids, surfactants

pH                                    Approximately 2.2

Appearance                    Transparent, colourless

Density                            1.11 g/ml

Shelf life                          3 years

Dimension (25kg)          305 (W) x 255 (D) x 435 (H) mm

Dimension (5kg)            246 (W) x 143 (D) x 214 (H) mm

Packing                           25kg per bottle or 5kg per bottle


Note : Specifications subject to change without prior notice.