Class 5 Steam Integrators with Windows

Brand: SteriStar

Class 5 or Type 5 Steam Integrators can be used inside each load to monitor time, temperature and steam exposure conditions and can provide the necessary sterilization assurance. Type 5 integrator mimics the ability of a biological indicator at three separate points during the sterilization process because it will monitor both time and temperature without requiring incubation as does a biological indicator.

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The Integrator consists of a paper wick and steam and temperature-sensitive chemical pellet contained in a foil laminate. The chemical pellet melts and migrates as a dark color along with the paper wick. The migration is visible through a window marked as REJECT or ACCEPT.

  • It can be used for steam sterilization cycles.
  • Moving front style has (Accept/Reject) readout for instant results without interpretation.
  • Safe, non-toxic chemicals is used. No risk for contamination or transfer of sterile items.
  • Compatible with ISO 11140-1.

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1C-1005Class 5 Steam Integrator, Single Window (250 pcs/pack)
2C-1603Class 5 Steam Integrator, Double Window (250 pcs/pack)


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