Class 6 Steam Emulating Indicators

Brand: SteriStar

Class 6 or Type 6 Emulating Indicators are part of an effective quality assurance program. It helps identify possible sterilization process failures that may result from improper packaging, improper loading or improper operation of the sterilizer.

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Emulating indicators change color when the specified parameter is provided. One emulator should be used in each sterilization package to ensure that the steam penetrates the packaging material and reaches the tools inside. These emulating indicators can be used for routine monitoring of steam sterilization cycles.

  • Water-based and non-toxic chemical indicator is used.
  • It is easy to read and interpret.
  • Compatible with ISO 11140-1.
  • Self-Adhesive versions can be used as a permanent record for traceability purposes.

Ordering Code


S/NItem CodeDescription
1C-1035Class 6 Emulating Triple Indicators,134°C-3.5min (250 pcs/pack)
2C-1035-SAClass 6 Self Adhesive Emulating Triple Indicators,134°C-3.5min (250 pcs/pack)
3C-1007Class 6 Emulating Triple Indicators,134°C-7min (250 pcs/pack)
4C-1007-SAClass 6 Self Adhesive Emulating Triple Indicators,134°C-7min (250 pcs/pack)
5C-1601Class 6 Emulating Dot Indicators,134°C-3.5min (250 pcs/pack)
6C-1601-SAClass 6 Self Adhesive Emulating Dot Indicators,134°C-3.5min (250 pcs/pack)
7C-1602Class 6 Emulating Dot Indicators,134°C-7min (250 pcs/pack)
8C-1602-SAClass 6 Self Adhesive Emulating Dot Indicators,134°C-7min (250 pcs/pack)


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