Brand: Deconex

Derouging system at neutral pH value.  Rapidly and effectively removes rouge deposits from stainless steel water systems and process vessels.

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As the natural passivated layer on stainless steel surfaces ages it can form a rust-red deposit known as rouging. Rouging is generally considered to be unacceptable because there is the risk that particles of the deposit will detach and enter circulation.
Rouge deposits also make it difficult to control the process parameters of systems where a specified surface state must be maintained.

Your solution for removing rouge: the deconex DEROUGE system (patent applied for) is an innovative, neutral pH derouging method which achieves excellent and rapid results.

The system consists of deconex DEROUGE liquid and deconex DEROUGE-P powder. These two components are mixed shortly before use.

The addition of deconex DEROUGE Z at the end of the derouging process improves rinsing characteristics.

Passivation is recommended after derouging to build a protective layer on derouged surfaces. We recommend passivation with deconex CIP protect.



  • Short process times.  Shorter downtimes, longer duty cycles for production equipment.
  • Neutral pH process.  Solutions and rinsing water do not require neutralising.  Waste disposal is simple and cost-effective.
  • Safer to use.  High concentrations of aggressive acids are not required.
  • Simple in-process control.  Monitoring of derouging solution effectiveness does not require expensive analytical equipment.
  • Rapid results.  Short derouging cycle times.  Improved efficiency.
  • Tried and tested process.  Safer to use, permits easy documenting of derouging operations.
  • Highly effective.  The lower concentrations, more cost effective.
  • No halogenides.  No chemical attach of surfaces.
  • Validated analytical methods.  Allows a residue-free process.  A well established analytical procedure enables rapid transfer of the derouging process.



The deconex DEROUGE System rapidly and effectively re-moves rouge from the surfaces made from stainless steel. The new process works in neutral pH conditions and therefore meets the ever more stringent requirements for plant maintenance and environmental protection.

The deconex DEROUGE System is suitable for controlled derouging operations mostly in the pharmaceutical industry, at biotechnical production, the cosmetics industry but also for the production of pure water at hospitals.

The deconex DEROUGE System is especially suited for derouging of:

  • production systems, storage tanks and distribution systems for water (PW or WFI)
  • pure steam systems
  • process vessels e.g. in vaccine production
  • autoclaves
  • lyophilizers, etc


Derouging set 250L – For the preparation of 250 litres of a ready-to-use solution

  • deconex DEROUGE             5L
  • deconex DEROUGE-P         1.5kg
  • deconex DEROUGE-Z         1kg


Passivation for 250L

  • deconex CIP PROTECT       5kg


Derouging set 1000L – For the preparation of 1000 litres of a ready-to-use solution

  • deconex DEROUGE             20L
  • deconex DEROUGE-P         4 x 1.5kg
  • deconex DEROUGE-Z         6kg


Passivation for 1000L

  • deconex CIP PROTECT       25kg


Process control – Activity test

Check the activity of the derouging solution at regular intervals using ACDS tablet to 200ml of solution.

  • ACDS                                   20 tablets per box



  • deconex DEROUGE            complexing agent and corrosion inhibitor
  • deconex DEROUGE-P        reducing agent
  • deconex DEROUGE-Z        alkalis, complexing agents


deconex DEROUGE

  • pH                                        Approx. 4.5 (1%)
  • Density                                1.07
  • Appearance                        Clear, colourless to yellow
  • Shelf life                              3 years


deconex DEROUGE-P

  • pH                                        Approx. 8.0 (1%)
  • Appearance                        Powder, white
  • Shelf life                              2 years


deconex DEROUGE-Z

  • pH                                       Approx. 8.8 (1%)
  • Density                               1.25
  • Appearance                       Clear, colourless to yellow
  • Shelf life                             3 years


Note : Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Material Compatibility

Suitable for

  • Stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4435, 1.4571, 1.4539
  • PP
  • PVC
  • PE
  • PTFE
  • PVDF
  • EPDM
  • Silicone
  • PEEK