Heat Protective Apron

Brands: Nomex®

Working in hot environments or handling hot materials in close proximity to the body requires some form of protection. Nomex® heat resistant aprons offer a flexible yet durable solution for protection against latent and contact heat.  Nomex aprons are designed to offer highly effective protection against high temperatures yet still provide comfort, dexterity and outstanding durability.  Offering Category III protection, they are autoclavable and unaffected by washing. Nomex apron can withstand heat contact of 250°C for 13 seconds without any harm to the user and for 40 seconds at 100°C.  Working with high temperature processes requires total and sophisticated protection to ensure that the risk of burns is eliminated.



• Heat Resistant, Category III Protection
• EN407 Burning Behaviour Maximum Level
• Withstands Heat Contact Of 250°C For 13 seconds
• Does Not Shrink or Melt
• Double Thickness with Knitted Fabric for Comfort
• Hard Wearing & Unaffected by Washing
• Good Chemical Resistance & Low Thermal Conductivity
• Available In Four Sizes (S, M, L, XL)


Made from a twin layer of Nomex® IIIA fiber, which is a blend of Nomex® and Kevlar®. They are aramids (aromatic polyamides) and are high temperature resistant and non-melt. Nomex® has outstanding features that led to its use in high tech protection clothing.  Kevlar® which is included in the blend ensures outstanding wear characteristics resulting in a long working life.

Nomex® withstands temperatures up to 370°C before degradation begins. When exposed to flame, Nomex® does not melt or drip. It simply chars without offensive odour and with little smoke, to leave a “crust”, which continues protection. In normal usage a maximum working temperature of 260°C maintains most physical properties over a number of hours.

Nomex® is considerably tougher than normal nylon and industrial studies have shown it to have 3 to 15 times the wear resistance of conventional fabrics. It can be repeatedly washed without affecting the protection it offers.


Nomex Brochure Heat Protective Apron

Note: Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Ordering Code

S/NItem CodeSizeLengthDescription
1APR/NSSmall90cmApron Nomex Small
2APR/NMMedium100cmApron Nomex Medium
3APR/NLLarge120cmApron Nomex Large
4APR/NXLExtra Large140cmApron Nomex Extra Large


Note : Specifications subject to change without prior notice.