Helix Process Challenge Device (PCD)

Brand: SteriStar

Helix PCD Strips (process challenge test) is used as a daily test for pre-vacuum hospital sterilizers and for bench-top steam sterilizers Class B for steam penetration and inert gases. The Helix PCD test is an excellent test to detect even the smallest amounts of inert gases and steam penetration capabilities.

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The EN 867 Part 5 is describing a Helix PCD based steam penetration test as an alternative for the Bowie & Dick Test for bench-top steam sterilizers.
Helix PCD strips are not replacing routine monitoring of sterilization cycles. This should be done by lot control sets and/or within pack integrators.
There are different types of indicator according to the sterilization process selected: Steam, Ethylene Oxide, and Hydrogen Peroxide. If all bars change to the final color, the result is successful, so the sterilizer is working correctly. If one bar is different from the final color, it shows a bad sterilizing agent penetration therefore an equipment malfunction.

  • Water-based and non-toxic chemical indicator is used.
  • It is easy to read and interpret.
  • 250 cycles are guaranteed.
  • After steam sterilization process pink color changes to dark color.
  • After EO sterilization process blue color changes to deep green color or yellow color changes to brown color.
  •  After H2O2 Sterilization process red color changes to yellow color.
  • Compatible with ISO 11140-1.
  • With the self-adhesive feature, it can be used as a permanent record for traceability purposes.

Ordering Code

S/NItem CodeDescription
1C-1031Helix PCD Tube 1.5M for Steam Helix Tests
2C-1131Helix PCD Tube 0.8M for Gas Helix Tests
3C-1030Steam Helix PCD Test, Self Adhesive, 4 Indicators (250 per pack)
4C-1032Steam Helix PCD Test, Self Adhesive, 6 Indicators (250 per pack)
5C-1045Ethylene Oxide (EO) Gas Helix PCD Test, Self Adhesive, 4 Indicators (250 per pack)
6C-1048Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Helix PCD Test, Self Adhesive, 4 Indicators (250 per pack)


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