Medicine Cup 50ml

Packing: 1000 pieces per carton

Our disposable Medicine Cup 50ml is easy to use, environmentally friendly and is used for dispensing medications. Designed for single use so as to reduce the risk of infection.

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Rated Capacity                                     50 ml
Weight                                                   2.8g +/ – 0.3g
Dimension                                            Ø60 x 30 cm
Colour                                                    White
Material                                                 Sugarcane Bagasse
Base                                                       Flat, Stable

Compliance                                          PAS29:1999
Fluid Retention                                    > 4 hours
Fluid Temperature                              35°C +/ – 3°C
Disposal                                                Macerator or appropriate waste bin

Packing                                                 1000 per carton
Carton Weight                                      3.3 kg
Carton Size                                            L33 x W22 x H27 cm


Note :   Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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