Hydraulic Transport & Treatment Stretcher

Brand: Meditron

The hydraulic patient transport and treatment stretcher is robust and reliable with consistent performance, ideal for transporting and treating patients in hospital, surgical or outpatient clinics.

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  • Backrest adjustment by gas lift assisted (0~90°)
  • Leg rest elevation by manual hand crank (0~40°)
  • Foot adjustment by manual ratchet
  • Dual hydraulic hi-lo elevation operated by foot pedal on both sides
  • Dual trendelenburg adjustment operated by foot pedal on both sides
  • Central brake & directional steer pedal at head, foot, right and left of trolley
  • Collapsible 3/4 length chromed finished safety side rails with spring loaded lock
  • Foldable handles at head & foot end of bed
  • ABS mattress base with restraint strap holders for easy cleaning purposes
  • Seamless welded mattress cover
  • Roller bumpers with protection cover on all corners of trolley
  • Vertical oxygen tank holder (‘E’ size)
  • Mounted stainless steel IV pole with double hook x 2
  • Drainage bag holder bards on both sides of bed
  • Utility tray


Material                                          Mild Steel Framework

Finishing                                         Epoxy Powder Coating

Dimension                                      2130 (L) x 800 (W) x 560 – 900 (H) mm

Mattress Thickness                       75mm

Side Rail                                          1400 (L)  x 340 (H) mm

Trendelenburg                              18° using foot pedal on both sides

Reverse Trendelenburg               18° using foot pedal on both sides

Castor Diameter                            200mm (central lock mechanism)

Maximum Load Capacity             < 220kg


Note: Specifications subject to change without prior notice.