Multi-Purpose Personal Dry Wipes

Brand: neuDolphin

Packing: 50 sheets per pack, 24 packs per carton

Highly absorbent multi-purpose dry wipes for personal & general cleaning. Feels soft on your skin.

neuDolphin Multi-Purpose Personal Dry Wipes are made from soft non-woven textile like material, suitable for daily cleansing on delicate skin. It is lint-free and highly absorbent with large surface area to effectively absorb spillage of fluids rapidly. It is fragrance free and can be disposed into macerators or appropriate waste bins.

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  • Highly absorbent
  • Fragrance free
  • Hygienic, gentle and soft to your skin
  • Use with soap, lotion and water to wipe body
  • Easy to use and compact in size
  • Macerator friendly
  • Widely used by hospitals


Usage                       Single use only

Packing                    50 sheets per pack, 24 packs per carton

Shelf life                  3 years

Manufacturing       In accordance with cGMP requirements


Note: Specifications subject to change without prior notice.


Step 1: Peel adhesive seal to open the pack.

Step 1 - Dry Wipes Usage


Step 2: Gently pull the wipes as required.

Step 2 - Dry Wipes Usage


Step 3: Close adhesive seal

Step 3 - Dry Wipes Usage