Plastic Lotion Bowls

Brand: Capecraft

The reusable autoclavable thermoplastic lotion bowl with wide open top is deep enough to hold lotions or ointments, etc. during a surgical procedure.

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Material                     Autoclavable thermoplastic

Colour                        Blue (B), Natural (N)

Diameter                   Ø100mmm, Ø150mm, Ø200mm, Ø250mm

Order code                LB <Diameter> <Colour>


Note: Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Colour Code

Colour Code
Colour Red Red (R)
Colour-Blue Blue (B)
Colour-Natural Natural (N)
Colour-Yellow Yellow (Y)
Aqua (A)
Colour-Lavender Lavender (L)
Colour-Green Green (G)
Colour-Tangerine Tangerine (T)
Colour-Purple Purple (P)


Note: Please refer to colours available for this item.