Smoothbore Convoluted Hose SC-PB series

Brand: PTFE Flex

The SC series is a Smoothbore Convoluted PTFE hose. When space and flexibility are an issue but a smoothbore is a must for an uninterrupted flow and ease of cleaning, it is the ultimate problem solver.

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The SC – PB series is used globally in applications that require the up most cleanliness and with its Smoothbore Convoluted liner and heavier wall it is more suited to the arduous applications found in the process plant industries – Pharmaceutical, Bio-pharm, Chemical, Food & Beverage & Clean environments. Polypropylene Braid is ideal for when the application requires low pressure and/or lighter weight hose or if the media being transferred is not compatible with SS 304 / 316 braid.

Smoothbore Convoluted PTFE tube with Polypropylene Braid – BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE.

Inner layer
Natural (GP) or Anti-static (AS) helically convoluted heavy wall PTFE tube.

Outer layer
Polypropylene Braid – BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE.

Temperature Range
-60°C to +90°C.

PTFE to: ‘ASTM D4895, TYPE 1, GRADE 4, CLASS B’ & ‘ASTM D4895, TYPE 1, GRADE 3, CLASS B’


PTFE lined hoses
All HC & SC series hoses are PTFE lined hoses

Swivel end flange or Tri-clover (cam and groove) end fittings 316SS
As the HC & SC series are process industry focus, the flanges for PTFE lined fittings available are

  • ASA 150 & 300, PN10/16/40, Table E & D.
  • Triclover / Triclamp / Ferrules 25.0mm, 34.0mm, 50.5mm, 64.0mm, 77.5mm, 91.0mm & 119.0mm
  • 45°, 90° & custom degree elbows.
  • DIN 11851 SAFLOK Female & Male
  • Camlock Female & Camlock Male
  • SMS, RJT, BSP FF etc and many more.

 Flare-thru end for continuous process for wetted part
All HC & SC series fits this demand.

All HC & SC series are FDA & EU food approved carbon filled antistatic products.

Vacuum rated
All HC & SC series fits this demand.

Pressure tested
All hose assemblies are 100% tested using re-circulated water and withstand the specified pressure without leaking, cracking, distorting, or any other signs of failure.

Guard to protect hoses
Spiral Guard Hose Protection HDPE Black & Yellow & SS Spring Hose Protection is available for all hose types & sizes.

Gaskets for the hose
PTFE gaskets, SS blanks & clamps are supplied as standard for PTFE lined Triclover fittings. FEP SIL gaskets can be requested and supplied for SAFLOK Camlock female fittings. Gaskets for all other hose types are not supplied.

Colour coding
Colour coded hose labels, sleeves and covers are available, they are durable and high quality due to them being made from polyurethane. Colour coding is to prevent product contamination by giving them a clear identification to the operator.

EN 10204 test certification and ISO 9001:2015


Natural Part No


Anti-static Part No




ID Nominal


OD Nominal
















Catalogue PTFEFlex HC and SC Series Rev0

Note: Specifications subject to change without prior notice.