Tookan Manual Pill Grinder

Brand: Praticima

The Tookan Manual Pill Grinder is a compact and efficient device designed for grinding pills into fine powder. Its integrated handle and ergonomic design ensure ease of use with minimal effort. The pill grinder frame has a housing compartment for storing the transparent bags used in the crushing process, ensuring no loss of medication nor risk of contamination during frequent use.

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  • The crushing method ensures no loss of medication and reduces the risk of contamination during frequent use.
  • Integrated handle design ensures ease of use with minimal effort.
  • Hygienic, Ergonomic, and Portable design.
  • Resistant to disinfectants used in healthcare environments.
  • Bags used in the crushing process are environmentally friendly.


Tookan Manual Pill Grinder

Item CodeMCP0001
Overall DimensionsL265 x W75 x H90 mm
Weight1.4 kg
 – BaseSteel
 – HandleAluminum
 – Crushing ComponentsAnodized Aluminum
 – AxisStainless Steel
ColorWhite, Orange (Handle)


Tookan Transparent Bag

Item CodeCRB1000
DimensionsL50 x H100 mm
Thickness180 / 200 µm
MaterialTransparent low-density polyethylene
Packing1000 pcs per carton


Note:   Specifications subject to change without prior notice.