Washer Disinfector Efficiency Soil Device Tests

Brand: SteriStar

Washer Disinfector Cleaning Efficiency Test enables you to verify the cleaning efficacy of washer-disinfectors during routine operation check. The routine use of this test will help ensure that your washer is performing at a consistent level, enhancing the routine visual inspection of instruments.

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When washed efficiently, it will wash away the dark colored coating from the stainless steel strip. If unfavorable results do occur, users must check quality / quantity of detergent, cleaning time, temperature as well as the general condition of the washer

  • Ready to use.
  • It is easy to read and interpret.
  • The test provides efficient and reliable results.
  • Transparent cover to enable visual check.
  • Compatible with ISO 15883-5.

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1T-1001Washer Disinfector Efficiency Soil Device Test (10 per pack) Size: 55mm x 16mm


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