Washer Disinfector Efficiency Soil PCD Tests

Brand: SteriStar

Test Soil is used for daily control and validation of the washer disinfectors. It is made from steel and has a coating that simulates human blood. It is used with Stainless Steel PCD which consists of a steel box with holes and a spring, they simulate the joints of surgical instruments.

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When washed efficiently, it will wash away the dark colored coating from the stainless steel strip. Washer Disinfector Efficiency Soil Tests require a stainless steel PCD to be used (C-1062). The washer disinfector soil test should be checked and recorded weekly.

  • Ready to use.
  • It is easy to read and interpret.
  • The test provides efficient and reliable results.

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1C-1061Washer Disinfector Efficiency Soil Test (100 per pack) Size: 20mm x 6mm
2C-1062PCD for Washer Disinfector Efficiency Soil Test Strips


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