What is Moulded Pulp?

Medical pulp is made from moulded pulp, replaces plastic urinals and bedpans used in Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions. Soiled medical pulps are disposed into a machine, called the macerator which discharges as fine particles directly into the sewage system. Medical pulps improve infection control, reduce nurse times and increase hygiene standards for patients. macerator Moulded pulp is recycled from recycled papers, is compostable and biodegradable. The manufacturing process is made by combining water and recycled paper, most often from old newspapers, scrapped papers, carton boxes or a combination. When water and recycled paper are mixed, they form a pulp slurry, pressed and dried into any desired shape. For medical pulps, it is shaped into urinals, measuring jugs, bedpans, bowls, to name a few to be used by patients. The recycled raw materials (water and recycled paper) makes medical pulp an eco-friendly alternative to its plastic counterparts. Moreover, medical pulps are stackable, lightweight yet rigid and waterproof, saving space in hospitals. Medical pulps are intended for single-use to prevent cross-contamination and for good hygiene purposes. Therefore, soiled medical pulps must be disposed into any macerators or waste bins following local authorities’ guidelines. Here at NEU Industries, we aim to eliminate cross-contamination and prevent the spread of infectious diseases!