Formidabel First Homecare Bed

Brand: FMB Care

Designed to provide as much freedom and comfort as possible without compromising protection, the Formidabel First Homecare Bed features a unique and versatile side rail system that is highly modular for any configuration and infinitely adjustable for optimal height. A specially designed mesh fabric built into the side rails allows the user the best comfort and freedom, without sacrificing safety. Installation is simple and easy, requiring no special tools for the task.


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  • Highly modular side rail system that can adopt various configurations, from full length, half length, or completely without side rails.
  • Infinite adjustable side rails that can be raised to prevent falling or lowered to facilitate ingress and exit from the bed.
  • State-of-the-art mesh fabric ensures the best comfort and freedom whilst maintaining user safety.
  • Side rails are simple and easy to install, no special tools required.


DimensionsL2100 x W1030 x H230-800 mm (Ø50 mm castors)
L2100 x W1030 x H260-830 mm (Ø75 or 100 mm castors)
Length Extension50 or 150 mm
Patient SurfaceL2000 x W900 mm
Backrest Adjustment0-70°
Knee rest Adjustment0-9°
Trendelenburg Adjustment±12°
Max. Weight Capacity225 kg
Power Input100-230 VAC, 50 Hz
Backup3 x 9V Block Battery


Note: Specifications subject to change without prior notice.