Front Loading Bedpan Sanitizer

Brand: Steelco

Designed with high performance front loading technology, soiled utensils are automatically and thoroughly washed with high pressure nozzles using detergent, cold and hot water wash cycles with thermal disinfection to achieve thorough cleaning.

This is a versatile bedpan sanitizer with large capacity to cope with high demand wards or home care environment.  Within a short, normal or intensive wash cycle, the bedpan sanitizer can process up to four reusable items at a time.

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  • Reduces cross contamination of infectious materials and minimises the risk of ward outbreaks, keeping staff and patients safe.
  • Large capacity to suit high usage healthcare environments.
  • Incorporates the latest technological advances and able to achieve thermal disinfection levels.
  • Extremely thorough wash performance, eliminating 99.99% of known bacteria.
  • Ergonomic front loading design



  • Steelcotronic control system, with auto-diagnostic checking, constantly monitors and displays current cycle status and alarms.
  • The control panel, with LED display, is a safe and user friendly interface allowing to optimize the washing process and to personalize programs on board of the washer. The control panel is optionally available with LCD display.
  • Efficient tested cleaning results are achieved thanks to many fixed and rotating nozzles which provide optimum water distribution inside and outside the treated items.
  • Steam is conveyed through the washing nozzles to ensure the complete disinfection of the washing circuit during each process.
  • Lime-scale remover pump.
  • To eliminate the risk of accumulation of dirt and bacteria growth, the internal part of the washing chamber is manufactured with rounded corners, the interior side of the door with smooth edges.
  • It has an automatic door opening and closing via foot pedal.  On this model, the door opening can optionally be controlled by an infra-red proximity switch, allowing item loading without any physical contact with the washer.  Soiled goods are loaded at an ergonomic working height.
  • The washers are equipped with a multi-functional support capable of holding all the receptacles commonly used in hospitals and nursing houses. Different racks and holders are available for special needs.



  • Free standing, Front loading, Single swing down door.
  • Fully automatic door opening/closing by foot pedal (Optional Infrared proximity sensor).
  • With steam disinfection facility.
  • Interlocking system enhances safety, ensures complete cleaning and disinfection.
  • Digital display, Auto-diagnostic checking.
  • Mains power supply 3-phase or Single phase (factory preset) :
    • 400V/3ph+N+PE/50HZ @ 8.5A, 5.05KW.
    • 230V/50Hz @ 13A, 3.05KW.
  • Low Noise level 51dBA.
  • External surface temperature less than 33°C.
  • Direct injection nozzles into urinal bottles for cleaning and thermal disinfection.
  • Chamber volume : 74L.
  • Cycle time : 5 mins (short), 6 mins (standard), 7 mins (intensive).
  • Dimension: 545 (W) x 475 (D) x 1630 (H) mm
  • Ergonomic loading height 820mm
  • Standard of compliance ISO15883
  • Made in Italy



  • Infrared proximity sensor for door open/close
  • High efficiency drying/cooling fan system with HEPA filter


Note: Specifications subject to change without prior notice.