General Purpose Bowl 1000ml

Packing: 100 pieces per carton

Our disposable General Purpose Bowl 1000ml is easy to use and environmentally friendly.  Designed for single use so as to reduce the risk of infection.


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Rated Capacity1000 ml
Weight30g +/- 4g
DimensionL220 x W170 x H85 mm
ColourGolden Brown
MaterialBiodegradable Kraft
BaseFlat, Stable
Markings (Min, Max, Interval)50, 1000, 100 ml
CompliancePAS29: 1999 “Disposable Pulp Product for Use in Healthcare”
Fluid Retention> 4 hours
Fluid Temperature35°C +/- 3°C
DisposalMacerator or appropriate waste bin
Packing100 pcs / carton
Carton Weight6.6 kg
Carton SizeL510 x W260 x H360 mm
Shelf Life7 years


Note:   Specifications subject to change without prior notice.