Identification Tape

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Identification tape is designed to help organise and identify instruments as they move between sterile processing and various departments. Using tape can help save time, effort, and money by offering effective organisation and identification of surgical instrumentation. It is easy to apply and is compatible with steam sterilisation. We have the broadest selection of tape available and it is colourful, easy to use, and economical.

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In the health sector, the clear identification of medical devices and their full traceability is becoming increasingly important. We offer a range of aids and equipment designed for the complete documentation and identification of processes.

  • Various colour coding options for the clear assignment of individual products to various departments and customers
  • Container tie-on tags for displaying information, various colours
  • Plastic cartridges and foil holders for the delivery of packing lists, delivery notes or batch documentation
  • Adhesive Remover is the plant based solution to remove residue without causing any damage.


Key Surgical Identification

Interlock Identification


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