KeyDot – 2D Data Matrix for Instrument Tracking

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Tracking inventory down to the instrument level doesn’t have to be complicated. Key Surgical KeyDot® is an effective, affordable asset tracking solution. This 2D data matrix barcode label is easy to apply, doesn’t require instruments to be sent off-site, and with sterilization validation you can have peace of mind that choosing KeyDot will be a great choice for your tracking system.

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The KeyDot is a small, laser-etched, 2D Data Matrix barcode label that can be applied directly to an instrument’s surface. Tested for sterilisation efficacy and biocompatibility for use on stainless steel surgical instruments, it has been conveniently incorporated into most of the instrument tracking software applications available today.

With the KeyDot there is no specialised training or intricate equipment needed so application can be done on-site, eliminating the hassle of sending your instrument sets out for this tracking solution.


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