Pulpmatic Uno Macerator

Brand: DDC Dolphin

The Pulpmatic Uno is capable of processing 1 to 2 medical pulps per cycle, it provides a quieter, economical solution where maceration is a requirement, but demand is minimal.

The unique 7 bladed technology provides rapid, low-noise maceration for minimal disruption to a small ward setting, with a cycle lasting just 65 seconds.

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  • Reduces cross contamination of infectious diseases and minimises the risk of ward outbreaks, keeping staff and patients safe.
  • Saves clinicians’ time and increases productivity by reducing the need for cleaning of reusable items.
  • Exceptionally economical, using little water and energy to operate.
  • Reduces hospital budget spend with low operating costs and prevents ward shutdowns due to infections.



  • Small capacity – Disposes of 1 to 2 medical pulps per cycle – suitable for low demand environment or isolation wards.
  • Rapid 65 seconds per cycle – Saving clinicians time.
  • Advanced 7 bladed technology – Pulverises medical pulps into tiny particles, ensuring all waste is eliminated.
  • Completely hands-free, no touch operation – Reducing the risk of infections spreading to clinicians and patients.
  • Continuous, free flowing output of waste to drain – Ensuring thorough removal of waste.
  • High quality materials and components – Antimicrobial coatings with smooth, crevice-free surfaces, reducing the presence of trapped harmful bacteria.
  • Automatic drain flushing – Programmable, limit the build-up of stagnant water for low usage and removes the possibility of Legionnaires’ disease.
  • Antimicrobial technology in lid coatings – Stopping the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Various start options – To suit each facility’s requirements, ranging from self to auto start.
  • Pre & post maceration self cleaning flush – Limits the residual build up within the waste pipe network and prevent blockages.



Capacity                                                          1 to 2 pieces of medical pulps

Operation cycle time                                    65 seconds

Decibel rating                                                 < 58.9dBA

Dimensions (w x d x h)                                 400 x 510 x 975/1260 mm (lid closed / opened)

Weight                                                             65kg (machine only)



AC Voltage                                                     230V / 50Hz with dedicated 13A breaker

Circuit protection                                         30mA RCD, GFI, IEC60364 compliant

Rated power input                                       0.8kW

Electrical consumption per cycle               0.001kW

Motor power                                                 0.75kW

Pump power                                                 0.125kW



Water connection                                         ¾” BSP male fitting required (washing machine hose)

Incoming water pressure                            Cold water 0.5 to 6 bar

Water flow rate (Min)                                   10L per minute at 1 bar

Water storage tank capacity                       Approximately 15L

Water consumption per cycle                    Approximately 9.7L

Discharge pipe                                              Ø50mm (Connects to Ø100mm soil pipe)

Connection                                                    Connects to building facilities’ Ø100mm soil pipe

Overflow connection                                   Ø22mm



Detergent                                                       neuDolphin, EcoCleanse disinfectant

MircobeSafe antimicrobial surface            Top lid cover, permanent

Disinfectant bottle volume (external)        5L

Disinfectant dosing (per cycle)                    8mL



Self cleansing                                                 Automatic

Pulp discharge size                                       Average 2mm diameter (Anti-choke)

Lid default position                                       Closed (Automatic)


Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.


Outline Dimensions of Pulpmatic Uno Macerator

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.