Super Absorbing Sachets

Brand: neuSAS

neuSAS Super Absorbing Sachets solidifies liquid and spillage quickly and preventing odours. Each neuSAS is packed in water soluble sachet which rapidly absorbs liquid, transforming it into a gel-like texture within seconds!

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neuSAS sachets are designed to help to improve the process of cleaning bodily fluid spillage as it is a quick and easy solution. Each sachet is filled with super absorbant formula that absorbs liquid fast in less than 30 sec*.


The traditional way of cleaning bodily fluids and medical waste spillage exposes the high risk of cross contamination. With neuSAS, fluid spillages are absorbed instantaneously, reducing odour and soldifies for easy and safe disposal.


  • Improves Patients Dignity
  • Prevents Spread Of Cross Infection Minimizes Odor From Spillage
  • Hassle Free Cleaning Process
  • Safe, Convenient & Easy To Use Reduces Spillage Incidents
  • Shortens Cleaning Process
  • Water Soluble Sachet For Easy Handling


Simple & Easy To Use
neuSAS is designed to be efficient and easy to use. Utilise the sachet in the spillage area. It will absorb and help you solidify the liquid within seconds!


Remove Liquid Waste Easily
neuSAS sachets can be used in dealing with such spillage. It is powerful in absorbing and stabilises the liquid, gradually turning them into semi-solid gel, making it easy for cleaning like most solid waste.


Minimise Residual Odour
neuSAS sachet not only help in solidifing bodily liquid, it also helps to absorb the residual odour from the liquid.


Material                                  Super Absorbing

Colour                                     White powder

Weight                                    Approximately 6g per sachet

Packing                                  100 sachets per pack

Shelf life                                 3 years


Note: Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

User Guide

  1. Open resealable pouch and retrieve sachets accordingly. Each sachet can absorb up to 500ml of liquid. Please ensure to reseal the pouch after use to keep the sachets dry.
  2. Simply place the sachet onto spillage areas. It is NOT necessary to open the sachet as the pouch is water soluble.
  3. The sachet will start to absorb the liquid waste and turn into semi-gel within seconds! Area is free from odour and ready for cleaning.
  4. Remove solidified neuSAS and dispose directly into appropriate waste bins.