Electric Surgical Chair for EYE/ENT

Brand: Hausted

The electric surgical chair for EYE/ENT, Plastic Surgery, and Same Day Services procedures operable in flat or chair positions. Chair configuration provides a comfortable setting for the patient, easily converts to the supine position offering a single platform from pre-op to post-op.

Infinite adjustability of the patented articulating headpiece assures proper positioning; low profile headpiece design offers unparalleled site access for the surgeon.




  • Low profile height adjustable articulating headpiece with dual operation control knobs
  • Patient/Staff hand-held control
  • Emergency backrest release lever to override power backrest
  • Battery back-up allows power functions when not plugged into an outlet
  • Sectional mattress pad with memory foam, spruce 4 way stretch
  • Easy rolling casters
  • Four wheel brake and steer system operable from both sides of unit
  • Easy to clean thermoformed base cover
  • Polymer coated steel litter top
  • Low profile articulating headpiece
  • Dual operating control knobs
  • Fold-down foot rest (height adjustable)
  • Pre-Op/Post-Op Head Extension
  • Accessory wells (2 on each side)
  • Padded armrests maintain patient security
  • Comfort mattress and head pad



  • The articulating head piece with dual operating control knobs allows infinite adjustability and precise microscopic movement of the head section.
  • Low profile head piece design offers excellent site access for both superior (over brow) and lateral (side approach) procedures.
  • The chair offers simple controls for adjustment of height, backrest, leg section, and Trendelenburg.
  • A wide variety of surgical accessories can be adapted to the unit to provide versatility.



  • Pre-induction, transport, treatment, and recovery can be performed on the same unit to improve case turnaround and streamline patient handling.
  • Reduce staff time and prevent staff injury involved in transferring patient during various phases of care.


Patient Outcome and Safety

  • With the hand held control, patients can position themselves during recovery, which minimizes staff involvement and can help shorten recovery time.
  • A full range of patient positioning is achieved to allow patient comfort during every phase of care.



  • Articulating head piece with dual operating knobs allow infinite adjustability and precise microscopic movement of the head section.
  • Designed with a low-profile head piece allowing site access for both superior (over brow) and lateral (side approach) procedures.
  • Easy-to-use electric/battery powered or hydraulic/foot-end operated controlled backrest and leg flex operated controls are available for height adjustment, backrest, leg section, and Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg.


Height Range570 – 830 mm
Overall DimensionL1910 x W750 mm
Overall Patient SurfaceL1910 x 560 mm
Backrest Adjustment0 – 80°
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg
Side Rail Length680 mm
Side Rail Height270 mm
Castors130 mm
Maximum Weight Capacity227 kg
Power120 – 230V ~ 50/60 Hz
Sectional Pad2.5 in Sectional w/ Memory Foam (64 mm)


Note: Specifications subject to change without prior notice.


  • Surgical accessory rail – HSA010000
  • Armboard with  5cm Pad and Clamp – HSA041300
  • Chair foot extension – H080015
  • Electrical foot control – HSA07550A
  • Contoured headrest set, spruce  8cm, 9cm – H0102CH
  • Contoured headrest, spruce, 8cm – H080258B
  • Contoured headset spruce, 9cm – HP150830437B
  • IV Pole, 107cm fixed height, removable – H000E1700
  • Telescoping IV pole 68-137 cm – H000018
  • O2 tank holder – HEC0001