Brand: Hawo

The InkTest PRO is a new generation of ink tests for the routine testing of sealing seams as per ISO 11607-1 and ASTM F1929. The InkTest PRO HDPE (red) is suitable for Tyvek® packaging and the new InkTest PRO PLUS (black) is suitable for other polyolefine materials.

Packing: 30 sachets per box

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The hawo InkTest PRO and InkTest HDPE comes in packaging designed especially for ease of use with the aluminium packaging ensuring that the ink is protected from sunlight.

Test all four sides of pouch for complete seal seam integrity.

Any irregularities that occur (e.g. channels) become visible immediately after the single-use cartridge is pressed on.

No pipettes or other tools are needed to fill it.

There is no danger of the test liquid dripping or transferring onto other objects on your workstation or your clothes and skin.

Instruction For Use

Ink Test PRO IFU